Munchkin cats

Munchkin is a very unusual breed of cats with short legs. In addition, if any other cat to look around, stands on his hind legs, the Munchkins, on the contrary sit on the seat and very firmly rest against the tail, and dangling short front paws give such a pet resemblance to the Australian kangaroo.

Their origin breed Munchkin owes it not breeding works, and spontaneous mutation processes that occurred around the thirties of the last century.

It was during this period that Europe was excited by reports of funny and very short-haired cats. On the territory of our country Pets breed Munchkin were brought about fifteen years ago.


Character of Munchkin

The first meeting with these cats causes a range of positive emotions. These cats are the proportions of the average cat has one feature that can not umilyat man - little paws. The average size of other body parts such a feature allocates cats Munchkins compared to other breeds.

Munchkin have just a wonderful character a peace — loving, incredibly affectionate and very sociable cats that, however, if necessary it can stand up for themselves. Cheerful and active pet will be able to amuse and engage in the game not only children, but even an adult. Age animal of this breed retains sociability and mobility, as well as friendliness and cognitive activity.

An interesting behavioral feature of Munchkins is represented by the tendency to create numerous "cluttered treasures", so any regularly missing items should be found in the hiding places of the pet. "Cat-Dachshund" or "home kangaroo" is very easy to adapt to any new external conditions, guests and other animals, as well as perfect for walking on a leash. Cats of this breed are absolutely non-aggressive and forgiving, neat and clean.

Care and maintenance the Munchkin

The coat needs weekly combing. Short-haired individuals should be combed with a slicker, a comb and then a special brush, then gently RUB the suede. Manchkins with long hair need a rare comb comb, and then slicker and massage brush in the direction from the head to the tail.

Bathing a pet needs only when necessary, special shampoos, corresponding to the type of coat and skin. After washing, the coat is gently wiped with a soft towel or dried with a Hairdryer.

The standard Munchkin

HEAD: Modified wedge with rounded contours, in proportion to the body. High prominent cheekbones (in cats may occur more than females). No other non-standard features are allowed.

EARS: wider at the base, with slightly rounded tips. Size: medium to large-in proportion to the head. Placement: high and wide-set Brushes on tips of ears are allowed only in long-haired individuals.

EYES: medium or large forms of walnut, located at a distance, give an open expression. Located at a slight angle to the base of the ears. There is no relationship between eye color and coat colour.

CHIN: firm, but not protruding or overly strong.

MUZZLE: medium length.

NOSE: medium in length; a small deflection is valid.

PROFILE: with smooth transition from forehead to nose.

The FOREHEAD is flat.

NECK: thick and muscular cats, and a little less in cats.

BODY: Elongated, not compact, back with a slight tilt up from shoulder to tail. Well-rounded chest and firm hips. Cats are smaller than cats.

Tail: the TAIL Is located vertically when it is in motion. Tapers to a rounded tip, should not be excessively thick. The length of the tail corresponds to the length of the body.

The BACKBONE of: the average, without excessive volume of.

MUSCULATURE: well-developed muscular strength, felt less in cats.

LEGS: Short. Located at a uniform distance when viewed from muzzle to tail. Front: upper and lower part of front paws are equal in length. Rear thighs and the lower part of the legs are of about equal length. Valid if the hind legs slightly longer than the front.

FEET: Rounded, proportionate body. All four legs must be straight, no curvature of the legs in or out is not allowed.


Body-30 balls

Head-25 balls

Wool-20 balls

Paws -10 balls

Eyes-10 balls

Condition-5 balls

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