Canadian sphinx

Contrary to its name, the first representatives of the sphinxes did not appear in Egypt. This breed of cat is known since ancient times. The representatives of that extinct breed called "Mexican hairless", were shown at first cat shows in the United States in the early twentieth century. Second, in fact, a new life to the breed found in 1966, when in Ontario (Canada) from the ordinary domestic cat was born a hairless kitten. In the future as a result of hard breeding work, which was conducted for many years, managed to withdraw and fix the standard of the breed. Breeding Sphynx – employment difficult, only for experienced breeders.

The Sphinx is a graceful, elegant animal. Looking at the Sphinx, you notice how beautiful and smooth his movements, and the appearance breathes mystery and magic.


The main thing that distinguishes the Sphinx from other breeds is the lack of wool. But these cats just seem to be naked. In fact, their skin feels like a light suede coating or velvet peach. Touching the Sphinx, you experience an indescribable feeling - the body of this cat is hot and elastic. Sphinxes differ in various colors from light beige to shades of dark chocolate. Attract the attention of relatively large ears, which they inherited from the Devon Rex.

Character of canadian sphinx

The majestic Sphinx loves to be the center of attention. He is smart, energetic, philanthropic and loyal. The expression "on your mind" is about him. Sphinx likes to watch what is happening around, especially to look out the window. He almost always causes delight guests. What are the graceful rolling of muscles under the velvet skin. However, in no hurry to meet and act like a normal cat. The Sphinx is a cat with a strong character that appreciates its individuality. However, he will be gentle with his master and betrayed him. Easily find a common language with young children and other Pets. You will be surprised, but the Sphinx is recognized as the friendliest breed in the world, and you will certainly have a chance to appreciate the docile and affectionate nature of your pet.

The care and health of the Sphynx

Care these majestic creatures need quite simple. Since the Sphinx does not have wool, it is necessary to monitor the maintenance of a comfortable ambient temperature, protect from cold and direct sunlight. Sphinx should be regularly bathed, about once every 1-2 weeks, shampoos, which will be comfortable for his delicate skin. With proper maintenance and proper care sphinxes can live up to 18-19 years with an average life expectancy of 12-15 years. And be sure to equip it for a warm bed-it will be nice and comfortable.

Letting the Sphinx into your life is not a spontaneous decision. Become his ally, friend, partner, and then you will receive in return a precious gift – the love and affection of this truly Royal person.

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