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We are glad to welcome you on the site of the cattery Angels Kiss !!! Our cattery has several breeds. We are working on such breeds as Munchkins, Kinkalow and Minuets. All these breeds have the same feature: short legs. This feature makes my heart tremble! The short legs of these lovely creatures do not limit their life! They can jump very high and they are very good at overcoming obstacles. We have cats of these breeds in long-haired and short-haired variation.

Our cats have a wonderful temperament. They live in our house as members of our family. We consider them our children. These breeds are excellent companions, they are very active, communicative are contact.

Our breeds


Munchkins are very unusual cats. With an average body length of their legs are shorter than normal cats 2-3 times, due to this feature they are sometimes called fees. But the appearance of strangeness is not limited. While ordinary cats to look around, stand on their hind legs, Munchkin sits down and rests firmly on the tail. In this position, the cat can stay in for quite some time, and hanging on the sides short front legs give a resemblance to a kangaroo.

Happened this breed is not the result of selection, but because of a spontaneous mutation in about 30-ies of the last century, at least at this time Europe was excited by reports of short-legged funny cats, in 1953 a short-legged cat was seen in Stalingrad. In Russia they have reached in 2001. The birth of the Munchkins due to the presence in their genotype the dominant gene achondroplasia. If one of the parents has this gene, among the kittens will be somewhat short legs

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Breed Elf was born not by accident, as a result of deliberate cross-breeding the American curl and the Sphynx. The idea of such an experiment was visited by American breeders-enthusiasts Karen Nielson and Kristen Lid in the late 90's, but the first in the truest sense of the word the fruits of the experiment were born only in 2006-unusual hairless kittens with bent back ears.

Kennels, which breed this exotic breed, are rare and are found mainly in the homeland of the elves – in the United States. Since 2007 kittens-elves became possible to register in TICA. Among connoisseurs of unusual, too, had a chance to purchase such wonderful Pets.

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порода кошек эльф


The dwarf is a hairless cat obtained by crossing the Munchkin, the canadian Sphinx and the American curl. It is characterized by short legs, a wedge-shaped head and the elf ears. Has the status "experimental": the representatives of this breed there are dozens.

Officially the first representative breed dvelf emerged in 2009. He was born as a result of a complex breeding program using the breeds Munchkin, American Curl, Sphynx. In the pedigree dwelt there are elements of all its ancestors. Detrimental effect on the health of the cat at the same time the three mutations at the moment is not revealed.

What's that strange name for a Dwarf breed? It turns out that the name comes from two English words: dwarf and elf. And very suitable it is a miniature charming creature with curled ears and short legs.

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кошка породы двельф


Kinkalow ― new experimental cat breed from America, which quickly gained popularity due to its attractive nature and unusual appearance. Kinkalow have short, like a Munchkin, legs, and recurved, as in curl, ears. The breed is at the stage of formation and complicates the breeding of the fact that it is not always the hallmarks of the inherited. Two of kinkalow kittens can be born with a completely normal appearance.

Cat breed kinkalow — interesting and rare creatures, bred in the late twentieth century. The difference between these tailed miniature size and childish nature. For the life of kinkalow tirelessly frolic, easily giving in to training. And the content of such seals does not require a special approach — you only need to carefully monitor the skin of the curved ears, especially in the hot season.

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Like many other things in this world, its origin, the breed owes case – namely, the crossing of the Munchkin and the Sphinx. The first small hairless kitten appeared in the spouses-breeders Stephanie and Pat Osbourne. The owners dubbed it Bambino because of the Italian roots of Pat (bambino – from the Italian "child, child").

The Bambino breed is now registered in almost all exhibition systems. It is exclusive, rare and expensive – it is important to note the fact that for breeding purebred Bambino must pass at least three generations after crossing the Sphinx and Munchkin. The purity of the breed is a carefully crafted product selection and professionalism of the breeder.

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Canadian sphinx

Contrary to its name, the first representatives of the canadian sphinxes did not appear in Egypt. This breed of cat is known since ancient times. The representatives of that extinct breed called "Mexican hairless", were shown at first cat shows in the United States in the early twentieth century. Second, in fact, a new life to the breed found in 1966, when in Ontario (Canada) from the ordinary domestic cat was born a hairless kitten. In the future as a result of hard breeding work, which was conducted for many years, managed to withdraw and fix the standard of the breed. Breeding Sphynx – employment difficult, only for experienced breeders.

The Sphinx is a graceful, elegant animal. Looking at the Sphinx, you notice how beautiful and smooth his movements, and the appearance breathes mystery and magic.

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We are working on such breeds as Munchkins, Kinkalow and Minuets. All these breeds have the same feature: short legs. We always you can buy healthy, pedigree kittens with all documents. We arrange delivery of our kittens all over the world.